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Our story

Where It All Began: Carmelo Messina's Wine Odyssey

Carmelo Messina is a bi-lingual (Italian and English) Gold Pin sommelier of the Italian Sommelier Association with an additional master certification in professional wine tasting in the United States. He understands how the English, Italian and French systems are used to analyze and describe wines so well that he has led numerous accreditation classes for others seeking their sommelier licenses.


A sommelier is a time-honored position that dates back hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. It requires a vast amount of knowledge about viniculture (the science, cultivation and harvesting of grapes), geography, year by year weather patterns, service standards, as well as local and international wine laws. The goal of a good sommelier is always to help his or her customers explore the complex topic of wine in pleasant and enjoyable ways.


While living in Las Vegas, Carmelo used his extensive knowledge of the mouth-watering best of his home country and represented over 300 different Italian wine producers from all over Italy to others in the Las Vegas wine business. He also managed to grow ten thriving, 20-foot tall olive trees under the blazing Mojave Desert sun, along with coaxing beautiful heirloom tomatoes, red onions and other vegetables, and delicate herbs like basil and rosemary, out of the dry, rocky soil.


With over 20 years of experience working in the hospitality, restaurant, and wine distribution business in the U.S., England, and Italy, Carmelo Messina knows how to present the very best in epicurean delights. In addition to working for Princess Cruise Lines in both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, he has opened and worked inside many of the top restaurants in Las Vegas, including as Head Sommelier at Valentino’s inside the Venetian. (Valentino was a Wine Spectator Grand Award restaurant with over 2,000 labels on their wine list — that’s a lot of wine to keep track of and Carmelo knew every bottle!)

Carmelo has been an in-demand consultant in the wine distribution business for over 10 years and has accompanied Italy’s top winemakers to almost every single restaurant in Las Vegas. After soaking in their knowledge and years of experience making wine in Tuscany and every other part of Italy, he now wants to share all those delicious insider tips with you.

With first-hand knowledge of the incredible amount of information collected for generations by Italy’s best wine-making families, Carmelo is uniquely qualified to guide you through the best of Italian wine culture for an experience you will never forget.

"My passion for wine and my knowledge of the hidden gems
of Italy are what I want to share with you.”

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